Woodworking safety tips – Infographic

Woodworking safety Tips

Wood-working is something that takes years and years to master, but the creation opportunities along the way are endless. Whether you are building quality cabinets for the wife’s kitchen or carving out a cherished pet dog for the mantle piece, the satisfaction you get after hours of skilled work, remains the same. This type of carpentry has been around as long as we have and the demand for handcrafted goodies is as strong as ever

Whether you are a well seasoned wood-worker or just starting out, you are always acquiring new and different knowledge. But one tool that everyone should be equipped with before entering their work space is the knowledge of basic woodworking safety tips, which for the most part is simply common sense. When there are moving parts and sharp edges with tools such as table saws, nail guns, band saws,  and miter saws, it is essential to know and fully understand the tips laid out in the safety tips info-graphic below. Protect you and protect your crew. Woodworking safety can and does save lives.

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