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As the name suggests, contractor table saws are largely designed to be used by contractors. With that in mind, you can likely imagine that contractor saws will be used by said contractor most days and therefore need to offer the best speed and power.When it comes to the placement of a contractor table saw, you’ll most commonly find them located in a works shop or on a jobsite permanently. This is because they tend to be considerably larger than portable table saws and use most full materials, meaning that they also weigh a considerable amount more.

That added weight and size might sound like something more of a burden than an advantage, but speak to any full time carpenter and they’ll tell you that they find getting their job done much easier on a contractor table saw than any other variation. We’d imagine that this is down to the sturdiness of a contractor table saw.

However, whilst the heavy contractor table saws are difficult to move around and take between jobsites, there’s also one key other disadvantage and that’s price. Because contractor table saws are quite clearly designed for use by contractors, you can likely imagine that they’re going to cost a trade level price too. As aforementioned, contractor tale saws tend to use pretty heavy and “complete” pieces, including a pretty cumbersome motor. With that in mind, you’d definitely expect for these complicated pieces to cost you a considerable amount more than those used in a portable or hybrid table saw would do.

Why choose a contractor table saw?

There’s a number of key advantages to choosing a contractor table saw over one of the other table saw types on the market, including portable and hybrid table saws. One of the most prominent of those advantages is the level of power that you’re going to be getting out of a contractor table saw. Because of the complicated and advanced motors often used by contractor table saw manufacturers, you can expect to get a good level of power out of your table saw and one that many carpenters swear by.

That being said, when choosing a full size contractor table saw over the other options on the market, you’ll need to remember that you’re going to be compromising in terms of portability. In fact, you’ll likely find it almost impossible to move a contractor table saw in the same way that you would do with one built on wheels, like a portable table saw. At the same time, it’s also worth mentioning that because of the complicated materials used in the production of a contractor table saw, you’re going to be paying a lot more for one.

Whilst this increased price won’t be too much of an issue for professional contractors who will be using the table saw every single day, hobbyists might find that price point to just be far too steep. In all, you’ll really need to consider whether or not you need added power offered by a contractor table saw before deciding whether or not to shell out on one.