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If you’ve taken a look at both portable and contractor table saw options, you’ll likely notice that there’s something of a large gap between what they offer. Whilst portable table saws are cheap and easy to move, they don’t offer an awful lot of power. On the other hand, contractor table saws are pretty powerful but also expensive and can’t really be moved. With that in mind, it’s pretty clear to see where hybrid table saws slot into the market.

This fairly new class of table saw is designed to provide something of a compromise that comes in between the different types of table saw on the market. They do this by offering a good deal of the power provided by a contractor table saw whilst still managing to be accessible with a low price point targeted at hobbyists. Hybrid table saws definitely sound like the ultimate option when it comes to carpentry tools, don’t they?

That being said, there’s still a good deal of variation between many of the hybrid table saws on the market. When shopping for a hybrid table saw, you’ll find that some of the options are leaning towards contractor table saws whilst others lean towards portable. This is again managing to open the gulf between the two types of table saw. With that in mind, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not just buying any hybrid table saw and pay careful attention to the fact that you’re buying a true hybrid table saw.

Why choose a hybrid table saw?

We’ve already largely touched on why you should go about choosing a hybrid table saw over the other types of table saw on the market and that’s because they offer the best of every other type of table saw on the market. If you can’t decide on whether a contractor or portable table saw provides what you’re looking for, you should find that a hybrid table saw provides something in the middle.

With that in mind, when it comes to who a hybrid table saw is targeted at, we’d largely say that the answer is the hobbyist market. Those looking to take advantage of the power of a contractor table saw but don’t have the money to spend on one will definitely find their best option to be rooted in a hybrid table saw. However, it’s important to make sure that some of the cheaper hybrid table saws aren’t actually more like the portable variety.

In all tough, there’s plenty to love about the hybrid table saw. If you’d like to get into carpentry but just have no idea what you need out of your table saw and where to start when it comes to buying one, you’ll find this to sit perfectly in the middle ground. However, you definitely shouldn’t go into buying a hybrid table saw expecting it to provide either the same level of power as a contractor table saw or the portability that a portable table saw provides. Remember this and you shouldn’t be disappointed.