Ridgid R4510 Heavy-Duty Portable Table Saw Review 2020

Ridgid R4510 Heavy-Duty Portable Table Saw Review

Ridgid R4510 Heavy-Duty Portable Table Saw Review

I’ve found 2 factors why the Ridgid R4510 Heavy-Duty Portable Table Saw is the top table saw in this price range and one of our favorites in all of our table saw reviews. The first and foremost is definitely the exceptional quality and ease of use of this saw, and the second is the price tag itself, as there are actually quite a few good deals on the Rigid 4510 at this time.

If you are a specialist or simply enjoy DIY, this review is geared to helping make your decision concerning a new table saw simpler.

What we liked in our review:

  • Easy to setup and use
  • Gravity rise stand is simple to use
  • Features on-board storage for easy reach
  • 25-inch rip capacity
  • 15 amp motor heavy-duty power with soft start
  • Single-handle height/bevel adjustment
  • Has a micro-adjust fence that allows for fine adjustments
  • Ridgid R4510 – So Easy to Set Up and Use

The Ridgid R4510 heavy-duty portable table saw with standThe Ridgid R4510 Portable Table Saw is a Heavy-Duty table saw with a stand. It works great straight out of the box. The stand adds to the simplicity because it can be set up or collapsed so quickly and it makes it easy to move around. It probably takes about 10 minutes from opening the box to being able to start work. Actually it is probably best to do a bit of alignment calibration first but most people find that it is not necessary as the alignment is usually spot-on.

I have just read this comment about the Ridgid R4510 and it pretty much sums it up – “I’ve played around with the R4510 for about 3 hours and cut through spruce, pine, cherry, pressure treated pine, white oak and sugar maple and it didn’t have any trouble cutting the full 3 1/8″ depth.” With very smooth height adjustment and quick miter adjustment, it is difficult to think of a better table saw in this class.

Overall the Ridgid R4510 is very smooth to use and there is no binding at all. The micro-adjustment is a good feature. Smooth, easy and no effort is the best way to describe tilting the blade, simply raise the blade by pushing in the crank and move it to the setting you want.

Check Price And Availability here ♦

Check Price And Availability here ♦

9 Reasons to Get the Rigid R4510 Portable Table Saw

1. There is a split blade guard for doing bevel cuts, spreader/riving knives, push stick, and anti-kickback pawls.
2. The gravity-rise stand works effortlessly.
3. The alignment of the rip fence and blade is right out of the box.
4. No problem with bumpy sites – large wheels take care of that.
5. Easily expand the right side of the table to 25″.
6. Built in dust and chip collection port – ideal for the shop vac.
7. Onboard storage for tools and cord is a bonus.
8. Quick setup time from the box – simply put the rip fence, push stick, miter gauge, anti-kickback pawls and blade guard on the saw and you are ready (oh and read the manual first).
9. Won’t move while ripping – heavy enough to stay put.

Ridgid R4510 Heavy-Duty Portable Table Saw

Best in its price bracket is the best way to sum it up, with its quick setup, portability and accurate operation. Powered by a 15 amp motor, the soft start stops breaker tripping and provides smooth starting as well as prolonging motor life. You get 25-inch rip capacity at the same time as maintaining portability. With its on-board storage to hold the rip fence, blade guard assembly, miter gauge, extra blades and power cord, it is easy to transport.

The blade diameter is 10 inches and this gives a depth of cut of 2-1/4 inches at 45 degrees, and 3-1/8 inches at 90 degrees. All-in-all the one to get…Buy NOWTable Saw Reviews Ridgid R4510 Rating: Technical Specification:Length: 47 inches
Width: 29 inches
Height: 24 inches
Shipping Weight: 117 pounds

How to Discover a Table Saw for Your Spending Budget

Are you looking to get the very best table saws for your requirements and within your spending budget? Well, if that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct place! I’ve been utilizing these types of saws for years. I’ve owned numerous them. In this article, I’m going to tell you the four types of saws you are able to purchase and discuss the pros and cons of every. After that, I’ll give you a couple of suggestions on how you can save money.

The fixed blade is what defines a table saw. It comes up via a slot in a metal table. You use them to cut lengthy straight cuts. You are able to do this with a skill kind saw, but the cut will not be nearly as accurate. So, you would use this kind of saw for much more accurate straight cuts. You are able to also cut at an angle.

Overall there are probably four types of these kinds of saw. Which are the very best depends mostly on what you would like the saw for. For example, in the event you require to cut outside trim on a home, where you only require a particular degree of accuracy, a smaller, lightweight table saw would do. These are known as benchtop saws, and they’re created to be portable, yet sturdy.

If you are looking to carry out larger jobs, let’s say you are redoing the trim in a nice, upscale, new home, you may wish to upgrade your saw a bit and go for what’s known as a contractor saw.