Your Portable Table Saw Guide | Portable Table Saw Buying Guide

Your Portable Table Saw Guide | Portable Table Saw Buying Guide

Portable Table Saw Buying Guide

Whether you do home projects or work construction as a living, your table saw is the heart of your work. A good table saw makes all types of jobs easier.

Table saws come in two basic configurations:

Static table saw: made to be attached to a sturdy work bench.

Portable table saw: that are attached to a rolling frame.

This rolling frame allows the saw to be moved from one area to another quickly and easily. When choosing a portable table saw for yourself there are several things you need to keep in mind. The first consideration is what will the primary use of the saw be, will it be for small home projects, or will it be used daily on a construction site?

Price is always a consideration, and with portable saws the frame is a big consideration.

The first things we will look at are what general features all portable saws have in common.

Common Features of a Portable Table Saw

The first common feature of this type of table saw is the frame. Many portable table saws come with a frame that has wheels. This allows you to grab the handle, tip the saw back, and pull it to the next work area. There are some portable saws that do not have a frame, this allows you to purchase the saw cheaper and then add your own after-market frame later.

The next common features are the wheels. This may seem like a simple thing, but in the world of table saws the types of wheels that are attached to the frame make a big difference. We will talk more about wheel selection later. All table saws have a motor to turn the blade, motors come in different sizes, and like the wheels the choice of motor size is critical. All table saws have a fence, safety guards, on/off switch, and the ability to change the height of the blade, the angle of the blade, and other basic features.

Desirable Features to look out for

In the last section we talked about the common features every portable table saw should have. In this section we will talk about the features that set certain saws apart from their competition.

The Frame

When it comes to portable saws the frame is one of the biggest considerations because this is the base of the tool. You need to look at saws with heavy-duty frames that are stable. When looking at these saws ensure that the frame is sturdy and does not shake or move when you work with the tool. Working with a saw that does not have a stable frame is not only dangerous, it makes it tough to cut accurately. Another thing a quality saw will have are height adjusters on the frame. Having height adjusters will allow you to set the saw level no matter where you are working.

The Wheels

The wheels are an important consideration. You should choose a saw that has large wheels. Large wheels will make the saw easier to move, especially over  neven surfaces. Along with having large diameter wheels make sure that the wheels are heavy-duty and are well attached to the saw.

The Motor

The motor of the saw is another huge component that needs to be looked at then purchasing any type of saw. Most modern table saws come with 13 amp or larger motors. 13 amp motors are recommended for light household use while15 amp and larger motors are recommended for commercial use. The power of the motor has a lot to do with the usefulness of the tool, that is why you should always choose a saw with at least a 15 amp motor. The larger motor will allow you to cut larger material and harder material. For instance, if you cut a lot of oak or maple you need the extra power to cut through hard woods. A larger motor will also last longer because it does not need to work as hard to cut through the wood.

The Cutting Rail

The cutting rail is the part of the saw that allows you to make accurate cuts. You want a saw that has a set-up that holds the cutting rail firmly in place while you are making your cuts. If the rail has a tendency to move it will throw off your accuracy. Many saws have a system where the rail is clamped from both sides, this type of set-up holds the rail securely in place while cuts are being made.

Work Area

Using a table saw that does not have enough work area is difficult. Making a portable table saw with enough work area is tough because the saw has to be portable. Some companies have come up with an innovative solution to this problem. Many portable table saws now offer a table extender. Saws with table extensions are very handy. Most models are made so that the extension slides out from under the main part of the table giving you more room to work when large pieces of wood need to be cut. These extensions make your portable table saw more useful. Some of the largest extensions on the market will allow you to cut sheets of wood that are 48? in width.

We have covered all of the most important features you need to look for when purchasing a table saw. There are some other features that can be considered as well. 15 amp motors are heavy, make sure your saw has a large wheel that allows you to move the motor, which changes the blade height, up and down quickly and easily. Some saws have digital readouts on the rail which make it easier to cut accurately. Safety features are always something to consider when looking at any saw.

Make sure the guards are well made and offer your hands enough protection. If you cut a lot of angles make sure that you can change the angle of the blade quickly and easily.If you are thinking of purchasing a portable table saw these are the things you should look for in your next saw to ensure that you are getting a good, dependable saw that will last for years.

The Uses Of A Portable Table Saw

A portable table saw has helped to make construction projects easier. Made to be moved easily, the portable table saw is great for contractors. Depending on what the space of a workshop, or the need to move the tool, a portable table saw could be a great option.

A portable table saw is a small unit that is used the same way as a traditional table saw. The base and table are much smaller, and the blade is usually smaller as well, to help with the transportation of the unit. The cutting machine is powerful enough to get the essential tasks of ripping boards and making straight cuts, but it is small enough to be easily moved from one worksite to another after a construction project is finished.

The portable table saw can be used by two types of people. The first is a professional that needs to be able to move tools from one job site to another. A traditional table saw is too bulky and heavy to move from one site to another on a regular basis, so is usually kept in on place. The second type of person is one with a limited amount of space that needs the tool with a smaller footprint. The small size means that it can be stored in a place separate from a workbench, if needed, and it does not have to take up a large amount of real estate.

A person should consider purchasing this portable tool if there is a need to cut lumber, and it is difficult to do with a circular saw. Ripping boards with a circular saw is nearly impossible if you want a straight edge and a consistent cut. It also allows for certain lengths to get cut repeatedly without having to measure each board, if the guide arm is set correctly. The portable table saw allows for these cuts to be made accurately and consistently. If the tool needs to be moved frequently, a portable saw is a better choice than the traditional saw.

Purchasing this power tool can make construction projects much easier. It allows for easy movement of the tool from one job to another. It can help to make consistent and straight cuts. It takes very little space for those with a small work space. The portable table saw is a great addition to any power tool collections for a contractor or a wood craftsman.

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