Bosch 4100-09 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw Review 2020

Bosch 4100-09 Review

Bosch 4100-09

Bosch are likely a name that you already recognize from the range of tools and household appliances that they sell, so you’re know you’re going to be getting a good product with their 4100-09 table saw.

In fact, there’s an awful lot more to this table saw than just its name, as we’ll explore over the course of this Bosch 4100-09 review. It’s comprised of a number of unique features that are all designed to make your life and wood cutting easier. We’ll explore those very features and also take a look at some of the reasons why you should and why you maybe shouldn’t invest in this table saw. In all though, we’re already pretty sure that this is a product worth your time and money, so read on into our review to find out more about Bosch’s signature table saw, the 4100-09.

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Check Price And Availability here 

Bosch 4100-09 review

Bosch 4100-09 Features

As aforementioned, Bosch’s signature table saw has a lot more than just a well-known name, like many other saws in our table saw reviews it brings with it a range of unique features. We’ve taken a closer look at some of the most prominent of those features in this section of the review.

Innovative Gravity Rise Standard – When you’re using your table saw on a job site, if there’s one thing that you want, it’s for said saw to be easily accessible. With that in mind, we can safely say that Bosch’s innovative gravity rise stand will provide you with just that. In fact, it allows easy access to your table saw without running the risk of putting your back out. Definitely perfect for aging contractors who are looking for a bit of easiness!

We’d definitely agree with the testament that Bosch’s gravity rise stand is pretty innovative, whether or not you need it will depend on your use of a table saw.

Bosch 4100-09 review - portable table saw reviews

High Precision Cutting

High Precision Cutting – A portable table saw can have all of the fancy innovative features in the world, but it’s still no use if it doesn’t provide a good level of cut. With that in mind, we’re pretty confident that the high precision cutting provided by the Bosch 4100-09 will be able to comfortably provide just that. In fact, their high precision cutting comes through the form of a 10-inch table saw with 3,650 RPM. That’s not the highest RPM that we’ve seen in a table saw, but it will definitely do more than the job that it’s designed for.

1 Year Warranty – Much like with any electric product, there’s always something that can go wrong with a table saw. However, a key issue arises in the fact that many table saw users just don’t have the protection in case that should happen. With that in mind, there’s no worry about protection here as Bosch’s 4100-09 portable table saw includes a 1 year warranty as standard. Whilst is would have been nice to see a longer warranty on the table saw, it’s still nice to see that Bosch have included some form of protection for customers.

Bosch 4100-09 Pros

  • Bosch is already likely a name that you’ve heard of and trust. Their name exudes quality and that’s something that you’ll definitely want to look for in a table saw. If you can afford a product from name like Bosch, we’d absolutely recommend that you take a look at this particular table saw.
  • The table saw also offers a good amount of flexibility in terms of what you can do with it. This is largely helped by the saw’s high precision cutting, which is coupled with 3,650 RPM for one of the most effective table saws that you’ll come across.
  • 1 year warranty might not sound all that impressive at first, but you’d be surprised by how many table saw products don’t actually include a warranty of any variety. With that in mind, the added peace of mind provided by Bosch’s 1 year warranty is sure to make this an easier purchasing decision.

Bosch 4100-09 Cons

  • Bosch’s 4100-09 table saw is considerably more expensive than other products on the market from the likes of DEWALT. Many would claim this is simply because you’re paying for the Bosch name and we’d largely agree there. However, with that name, you know you’re going to be getting a good deal of quality in your table saw.

Bosch 4100-09 Portable Table saw Video

Bosch 4100-09 Portable Table Saw
  • Overall Score


The opinion of most customers around this table saw is largely in line with what we’ve discussed in our review. Most customers were more than happy to pay the extra money for a product from a name such as Bosch and were simply happy that they got what they paid for. In all, this is a good quality product and considering it comes from a name like Bosch, you can rest assured that you’re not going to go too far wrong here.